Carrie's Inspiration

"We raise funds for organisations that help people break the cycles of poverty and homelessness."

Carrie's Story

Carrie lived such a generous and inspirational life that she has left a lasting legacy what we will continue through the foundation.

Carrie’s Home Foundation has been inspired by the life of Carrie Kalman, from Reigate, Surrey.

Carrie lived a generous and inspirational life that will live on through the work of Carrie’s Home Foundation.

Through a chance conversation during a hospital stay, Carrie discovered that somebody was living in a very difficult cycle which was having an impact on her wellbeing. She was desperately trying to put together enough money to move into a rented bedroom. At the end of each month, there was no money to save for her deposit of a couple of hundred pounds. Upon learning this, Carrie gave her the money as a gift. It changed her life.

Breaking the cycle

She was delighted to find a place she could call home and moved in the following month. Carrie’s gesture made a huge difference to this person’s life. It provided her with the assistance she needed to be released from this vicious housing cycle, which penalises people on lower incomes. Carrie helped to lift the weight off of her mind and help her on her journey through life.

Carrie’s Home Foundation was established to help people on lower incomes and those without a home to move into a home. With the reduction of funding, the ever increasing cost of private rent and the lack of affordable housing in the UK, help is needed.

We registered Carrie’s Home Foundation as a charity in Autumn 2018. Registered Charity Number 1180304. We are in the process of setting up a bank account for donations, therefore we are unable to accept online payments for donations at this time. If you wish to make a donation now, please send cheques payable to ‘Carries Home Foundation’ to: Carries Home Foundation, c/o The Point, The Mayflower Centre, Lyons Court, Dorking, Surrey, RH4 1AB. Or contact us by email at with details of your donation and we will arrange collection.

We love our supporters.

What They Say

Make a difference

Please support someone who needs a helping hand to secure a home. Somewhere they can feel secure and safe. Something I used to take forgranted. By donating today, together we can make a big difference to those who really need it.

With love and thanks, David & Jacob xx