Carrie's Home Foundation.

"We raise funds for organisations that help people break the cycles of poverty and homelessness."

Funding Goal

Carrie’s Home Foundation is totally focused on raising funds for organisations who are helping people in the UK who face the challenges of poverty.

To help us track our impact, we use a simple application process that charities and organisations apply through. This will help us to distribute our funds in the best ways we can.

Through the generous donations we receive, and with the help of the amazing fundraising volunteers who work with us, we will be making positive big differences in the communities we are living in.

Together we can really help people out of poverty.

Grant funding criteria

Now registered with the Charities Commission (Registered Charity Number 1180304) Carrie’s Home Foundation's main funding remit will be the regular allocation of grants (generally up to £5,000, but not restricted) for capital costs to small and medium-sized registered charities (those with a turnover of under £1m per annum). All applications must relate to projects that assist individuals in their return to mainstream society, rather than simply offer shelter or other forms of sustenance.

All applicants must use the official form and clearly describe the aims and structure of their organisation, their future plans and specific details of how any grant money will be spent. A copy of the latest available audited accounts is also required. Note: we are only able to accept applications from charities registered with the Charity Commission. If you are interested in funding you can download our 'Expression of Interest' form below.

Selection criteria

What we will fund

a. Fixtures and fittings to enhance living spaces for people in sheltered accommodation (examples include winter night shelters, a women’s refuge, half way homes).

b. Charitable organisations providing financial assistance to people facing or experiencing homelessness or poverty

c. Organisations providing food or clothing to help people facing or experiencing homelessness or poverty

d. Organisations providing support to people who are victims of poverty, abuse or addictions

e. Organisations providing support and advice to help people break the cycles of homelessness (including debt and addictions)

We love our supporters.

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